Mission Statement

    The aim of this group is to offer encouragement, emotional support, and the assurance that life, after amputation, can be full and rewarding . This group is composed of confident, competent and caring individuals who want to make a positive difference in the lives of amputees and their families, and those who are considering amputation.

Our Group
    The Gold Country Amputee Support Group is composed of individuals of various backgrounds and from all walks of life.
    Our group decided that we would reach out and support other amputees and those facing amputation. Although we are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice, we have “been there and done that.” We can share our experiences.

Rene Duncan
Past President
Dan Wheat
Vice president
Nick Temple
Theresa O'Banion
Jude Kemppinen
Ray Yamasaki
Darrell Smith
Rob King
Casey O'Banion