* 2023 GCASG Annual Golf Tournament *
We are you. We are Amputees.

Who we are
     In April of 2009, a common interest brought a small group of people together. Some of us are recent amputees and others had lost their limb(s) years ago. We all knew what it was like to lose a limb. We also knew that many of us had very little support, other than family, prior to, or after the amputation.We all had many questions but no one to ask. Sure, doctors were quick to explain procedures but we needed more answers. We wanted to know how our life would change. Can I still do the things I used to do? Can I drive? Can I camp again? What about golf? The list of questions as long. We are here to help each other answer those questions, give advice to one another, and support each other through life.
    We are here to help each other succeed, not only as amputees, but as people. Lessons don't have to be learned the hard way, as we are here to share advice on prosthetics, insurance, and on life. The everyday actions that your doctor doesn't have all the answers for, we are here to help and share our experiences as well as hear yours.
Join us!
    Check our event calendar to see our next meeting date. Can't wait to see you there! Want more information? Contact Us!